This is a great sequence that fits over the chords F-Fm-C-A-Dm-G7 Jimmy uses it at the end of the melody to lead into his solo… All Of Me Ending

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Django’s solo from the 1948 recording of All The Things You Are  All The Things You Are

This is from Stochelo’s album “Ready N Able”, a nice, funky, refreshing take on the melody to Djangology! PDF download link below: Djangology Head

This is the melody to Django’s Tiger as played by Gonzalo on his new duo album, Clásico. There are lots of really cool licks in here that are typical of his playing style. PDF download link below: Django’s Tiger (Melody)

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A virtuosic descending chromatic scale clearly inspired by Django! PDF download link below: Minor Swing Chromatic E7

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Awesome sequence using a series of two string major 7 arpeggios ending with some crazy shredding! PDF download link below: Bireli Maj7 Blues Sequence

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Stochelo’s famous sweep picking lick from Bossa Dorado. PDF download link below: Bossa Dorado Lick

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Move (Melody/Head) as played by Andreas Oberg on his album Andreas Oberg Invites Yorgui Loeffler & Ritary Gaguenetti PDF Download link below: Move (Head)

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This is from a clip of Stochelo Rosenberg I found on youtube, I’ve transcribed the main licks and riffs. PDF Download below: Rhythme Futur